Redford to fast-track Highway 63

Redford said she will instruct her next transportation minister to speed up plans to twin the highway.

HWY 63 crash November 13, another death

There was an accident on Sunday, November 13th, Highway 63 down to one lane at kilometre marker 100 due to 2 SUV collision.

The aftermath of the crash on April 27

This is the scene from the fiery crash on Alberta\\\'s Highway 63 that ended up killing seven people on Friday April 27. 2012.

Alberta will not rush twinning deadly Highway 63

A bus lost control and crashed on highway 28 near Redwater, Alberta on its way to Highway 63.

Highway 63 twinning

Your eyes are not deceiving you, writes Ryan Morgan, who uses Alberta\\\'s Highway 63. This is a house passing by a massive haul truck bucket on the two-lane highway.

Traffic was being re-routed off Highway 63, just north of Boyle the result of this incident, according to RCMP.



I beleive in twinning this highway if it will help save lives. It is not a killer highway but shitty drivers who are inconsiderate and treat this like a race track that give this highway a bad rep. Have photo radar and you will make a fortune and can probably pay for this project off quickly with the revenue you will collect from these idiots:)


Please take action to remedy the horrible conditions on this death trap of a highway. I myself have had several near-death experiences, have witnessed both horrible accidents and their aftermath (memories which will haunt me to the end of my days) and have experienced countless near-misses. The only times in my life that I have called 9-1-1 have all been on this highway. I eventually changed careers simply to avoid this stretch of road (and by association, death) – a ridiculous concept, but a choice with which I remain totally satisfied. I firmly believe that the driving conditions of this highway are so bad that refusing unsafe work legislation should include the right to refuse to travel Highway 63.

Thanks to the brave members of the Wood Buffalo RCMP who risk their lives to enforce laws on this highway to hell.


I think the Gov’t should bring back chain gains. People like the guy clocked doing 279 km/hr should be put to work to twin the hwy.


Please twin highway 63 with the addition of a toll booth. Albertan’s should not have to pay for that highway using 100 per cent of tax dollars given how much of it is used by industry. The cost to twin is too great a price because of some drivers in the Fort Mac. area who are irresponsible. I would prefer a toll booth or at least seizure of cars before 100 per cent funding from taxes is used. Highway 2 between Calgary and Edmonton is a twin and you see just as many collisions and injuries.